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Hotel Fontaines Luxembourg Paris

Hotel Fontaines Luxembourg Paris website

As a hotel marketing consultant and a photographer on the side, I’ve been asked to take photos of hotels a few times in order to help them for their websites, brochures etc. I am publishing a few of them here as I thought I might as well take credit for it.

Above is a hotel in Saint Germain area of Paris, near the Luxemburg parc. The hotel was designed by Fabrice Ausset and is a great example of modern and old mixed. It’s a small boutique hotel of about 30 rooms.

More recently was the pre-opening shoot for Jacques Garcia’s latest creation. Hotel Athenee (see my post here:

Hotel Athenee by Jacques Garcia - website

Hotel Athenee by Jacques Garcia - website

One thought on “Hotel Photography

  1. Hi Martin-
    I was hoping you can help me. I run a non-profit called Statement Arts ( We primarily work with at risk and under-served youth, and are currently in the process of creating an arts based environmental awareness and education program that will use photography to celebrate, and document the journey of water.

    The project is called, A Single Drop of Water.

    Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of this precious resource and its scarcity in many communities.

    We have launched an international photography contest, the purpose being two fold. Firstly, we will be using the contest to gather images for the curriculum, and secondly, the revenue generated from the entry fees will be used to help offset the costs of our programming.

    We will be giving away prize money ($1,500 for the Grand Prize, $500 for category winners) and Calumet has generously offered to donate a few cameras for the winners of our “Under 25” and “Peoples’ Choice” categories. Winning entries will also be exhibited in New York City in the Spring of 2011, to coincide with World Water Day (March 22.)

    We are looking for people to help us spread the word, and I was hoping, as the administrator of a blog/website that has information about shooting water that you might be will to help us out by posting contest details (included below) to your forum. Your images are lovely and feel free to submit a photograph yourself!

    Respectfully Yours,

    Liza Politi
    Creative Director
    Statement Arts,Inc.

    *** Contest Details ***

    ‘A Single Drop of Water’ Photography Competition
    Proudly presented by Statement Arts, a nonprofit organization.

    To Enter: Visit

    Please sign in through your facebook account and click “accept”

    Categories: A Single Drop of Water, Water in our Daily Lives, Water Scapes, Clean Water Initiative, Under 25, Peoples’ Choice

    Prizes: Over $3,500 in prize money and prizes, and winning entries will be exhibited in New York City.
    Entry Fee: $25 ($15 if under 25) – Save $10 if you enter before November 7.
    Entry Deadline: December 15, 2010

    A Single Drop of Water is an environmental awareness project that uses the arts, specifically photography, to document the journey of water. Our goal is to raise awareness about this importance resource, it’s scarcity in some communities, and water pollution. The project will provide photographers with a platform for sharing their images and stories. Winning entries shall be exhibited in New York City, and will be used in future Statement Arts education materials to teach students about water and inspire them to produce their own artistic work.

    Statement Arts is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing the creative visual & performing arts to underserved and/or low-income individuals. We channel creativity to educate, to enhance intellectual performance, to empower and guide, and to build self-esteem. Statement Arts is committed to giving our students an intercultural and interdisciplinary arts experience to which they do not have access. Statement Arts believes in the power of art to inspire social, cultural, and environmental education to further a legacy of responsible global citizenship. To learn more about Statement Arts visit

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