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Down Stairs of Montmartre

Walking down Montmartre Paris

Walking down Montmartre Paris

A few weeks ago after having spent about an hour waiting for the right light at the Sacre Coeur I walked back down to my scooter (in fact if you look really well you can see it on this photo) and I was impressed by these stairs doing down.

So I set up the tripod, disturbed all the people trying to walk down (which gave me a clear space to shoot) and got this photo. It is HDR and a combination of three pictures.

What worked out best was the reduce the colors as much as possible, since the dark night didn’t give much color in the first place.

Stairs are always a great subject for photography, I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because it gives a rythm and visual rythm is a great scene for photography.

Well if you are going to Paris you can take the “elevator” up the hill to Sacre Coeur, I suggest you take the stairs – it’s much nicer.


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8 thoughts on “Down Stairs of Montmartre

  1. I love that picture! Great shot Martin.

  2. Brian on said:

    I love Paris. Your photos make me jealous. Love the stairs of Sacre Couer but they make me tired.

  3. Great gallery! Congrats’

  4. I really love your all shots they are so rich in colors and details.

  5. I have walked UP those actual stairs! Your photos takes me back, it’s fantastic.

    This is my 1st time to your Blog, really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing.
    Gemma 🙂

  6. I love this shot I have to walked these stairs a few times and never thought of making an image – Brilliant image friend

  7. Magistral trabalho!
    Quando fui a Paris, subi essa ‘escadaria’, que se não me engano, chama-se “Maurice Utrillo”.
    Mais uma vez, PARABÉNS por tão lindas imagens!

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