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Flamingos in the sunset selective color hyeres -

Flamingos in the sunset of Hyeres

Looking through my photo archive I found this photo from the summer of 2010 when I spent a few weeks un Hyeres in the south of France. One of the last evenings there I went out try and some pics of these flamingos.

I had a Nikon with a 300mm lens and I thought I was good for some great bird shots from far away. Wow, that was pretty far from reality, in addition to that I still thought that I had to shoot everything at 100 iso. Now that’s a recipe for a mess.

At 300mm every little tiny movement is accentuated, and when one has the camera at 100 ISO, then every movement is a blur. Needless to say most of those pics were useless.

But this one was acceptable. Especially how they were all grouped on the right hand side.

I post processed it in Lightroom and as the flamingos weren’t really as pink as I would have liked, I did a selective color out of it by masking out all the water and removing the color.

Flamingos in the sunset selective color hyeres -

Well there you go, the trick with photography is knowing that landscape, portraits, animals and every type of photography has it’s own rules, trying to port them over from another type of photography is just not going to work (landscape is good at 100 ISO whereas birds definitely need something faster).

Hope you like it, feel free to comment.

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2 thoughts on “Flamingos in the sunset of Hyeres

  1. Lovely image. I’m surprised you tried hand-holding 300mm! I can manage 250mm but it’s a challenge.

  2. j’adore, c’est trop léger

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