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Eiffel Tower after the rain, Paris Photowalk 2012

Few days ago I went out on a photowalk led by Serge Ramelli and Scott Kelby was one of the photo walkers. There was hardly a worse day for a photowalk than yesterday. It was pouring down and not very warm. But considering a few facts, like the fact that I had not been out shooting for a while, and that I was personally invited by the leader of the walk I figured I just had to muster up the courage and go.

Taken from slightly behind the Pont Bir Hakeim I managed to get the Eiffel Tower and the Metro bridge in one.

And it was a great idea. Yes I did get wet, very wet, but I also managed to take a lot of pictures which I will be posting the coming days. I’m posting a few of the pictures here, those that I managed to get through post processing on rapidly.

A photo walk is great, one gets to meet others talk to them etc but also because one is out there to shoot and so inspiration comes. I’ve always believed that inspiration isn’t something that just happens, one works at it. By being interested in one’s surroundings one tends to find interesting subjects to shoot, and it takes a bit of necessity to get interested. So Photowalks are a great way to do that.

Here’s a little gallery of some of the shots.

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2 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower after the rain, Paris Photowalk 2012

  1. Lille on said:

    Just a short note to let you know that I not only love your work but I truly appreciate your photo tips. Very inspirational !
    Thank you

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