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La Defense Panorama in HDR


Panorama view of La Defense skyline at sunset in HDR taken from Arc de Triomphe

La Defense at sunset, in HDR. Taken from atop Arc de Triomphe in the chilly March weather of Paris.

After a long silence on the HDR front I figured this morning that I need to take my photographer hat on again and get out there and so I did. With my recent move and lots of stuff to do at work (follow my work related blog here Martin Soler on Marketing) I’ve been negligent on my photography.

I’ve also launched or revamped a few blogs and news sites about Paris which you can check out here:,, and a few more that I am not listing here. This is part of a project I am working on at work and some of my photography is featured as well as Serge Ramelli and Stefano Pinci who are two talented photographers I have had the chance to work with.

Well back to this photo, Serge Ramelli wanted to shoot La Defense from Arc de Triomphe and I was interested in going out shooting HDR again so we agreed to meet up there and wait for sundown. The problem is that we couldn’t use tripod and if you want to make a very high quality photo (which Serge wanted) you’re going to need a tripod. So we tried with a gorilla pod but it wasn’t very good because barrier that we were fixing it to was moving more than we were and it was quite windy.

But we managed to solve it by putting the camera over the barrier and laying it on the stone wall, which was a bit risky but I held on to the strap and hoped for the best. The trick paid off and my camera is still intact so that was great.

Here is a dead-center shot of La Defense as seen from Arc de Triomphe, the street is Avenue des Grandes Armee which is the continuation of Champs Elysees on the other side of the Arc.

Hope you enjoy it. Like all my images, I post them up to 1200px wide if you want to download it and use it on your desktop etc.

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3 thoughts on “La Defense Panorama in HDR

  1. Wow! I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately by photography and other people’s images, but your HDR images are always gorgeous. You did a wonderful job, considering you didn’t have a proper tripod and were working in the wind. This is splendid! I had a look at your hotel blog. Although I’ve seen the photos before, the quality really takes your work blog to a new level.

  2. I love this shot! I so happen use the same blog layout as you and am wondering what did you do to tweak the layout to display the images wider than the default 800 px on the landscape shots. I have one of Paris you might like:

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