Martin Soler Photography

Imaginary cat at an imaginary window

Leo the Cat looking out an Imaginary window

Leo the Cat looking out an Imaginary window

Shadow of Leo our cat (remember him from my Leo le Chat post) sitting on the couch looking at the reflections of the sun shining on a wall through a window.

Well I guess that without the explanation this photo looks like a seriously out of focus image of a cat and window. But what it actually was is the shadow of our cat looking at a wall that was reflecting the bright light of the sunrise.

I thought it was a pretty fun image early this morning as I got out of the bathroom, the cat really did think there was a way out through that wall and if I could read his mind I am quite sure it was contemplating an escape.

Well that said, today was my first experience with the idea that your best camera is the camera that you have with you. Since I had to rapidly grab my wifes iphone to shoot this since it would have taken too long with my camera and little Leo would probably have figured out there was no window by then.

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