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New Paris HDR Photo Sharing project home page

I’m working on a project called it’s a photo sharing site for HDR photographers shooting monuments in Paris. The site is open to all photographers who want to show some of their great photos of Paris in HDR.

There are so many great photographers out there that take amazing shots of Paris, but there isn’t really a single site that has all these shots collected into one place where other photographers and travellers can go and look.

I always find it inspiring when going out for a shoot to be able to see what other photographers have done and get some inspiration for new ideas, I see soo many twitter posts of people coming to Paris to shoot and I figured it would be great to give them a site for that.

Ideally photographers would post tips and information on how to shoot the monument in the photo, what time is best, angles etc and it could help fellow travellers to come and shoot as well.

So the site is open to all applicants of course copyrights remain with the photographers and the editors do have to approve the photos before they go online. Click on the link on the top right to submit your photo, you can put a link back to your original image on your site, it is limited to one link per post.

Submit your photo here:

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3 thoughts on “New Paris HDR Photo Sharing project

  1. What a great idea, and had I been to Paris I’d happily post some of my HDR work on there… Hope the site takes off the way you envisage…

    • What! You haven’t been to Paris yet. Hm you’re going to have to add that to your list of places to go. And check out the site for some inspiration 🙂 Thanks for comment and looking forward to some great pics for you.

  2. Great idea Martin! If only I had material to contribute. One day I’d hope to have lots. Good luck!

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