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Hyères’ Fountain in HDR

Fontaine Godillot, Hyeres HDR image

Fontaine Godillot, Hyeres HDR image

HDR image of the Godillot Fountain in Hyeres. Taken on a summer sunset, with an orange and pink slightly cloudy sky.

This summer I went for a short holiday in Hyères a small city near Toulon in south of France which becomes quite popular for summer.

I didn’t take as many great shots as I had wished while there, but the Godillot fountain as pretty nice so am publishing it. Additionally while shooting this one, Jerome came driving by and stopped for a chat, and I promised I would publish the shot.

I did quite some post processing on this one aside from the HDR work, to give it a bit of a more interesting feel. I personally find it a bit messy with the palm trees and pine trees mixed plus the symmetry is a bit out. However the sky’s color was nice so it’s still OK. I took the photo with a darkening filter that is why the exposure time is so long. That gave the water a softer feel.

My only tip for you today is, if you are going to shoot dead-center, then get it symmetrical (which I don’t feel I did here).

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5 thoughts on “Hyères’ Fountain in HDR

  1. That image has a great atmosphere. I like the way the HDR processing brings out the clouds. Great work.

  2. The sky is very nice, as is the soft water. I think this is a tough time of the day for taking the perfect picture.

  3. Love the textures on this, but colors look a little muted. Maybe my screen?

  4. Nice colors, the picture really renders the atmosphere. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Thanks for all the comments. Yes it is a tough time of the day, a little later would have been nice too, but the sky wasn’t looking that good at that time.
    Hm colors muted? seems odd they should be OK. I purposely didn’t want to over-saturate it.

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