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Paris Panorama, Eiffel tower to Montmartre in HDR

Paris Panorama in HDR

Paris Panorama, Eiffel tower to Montmartre in HDR

Panorama shot of Paris, taken from a rooftop balcony near Canal Saint Martin. HDR photo of three shots with 2 exposure values difference per shot.

High resolution version is available here

Yesterday I was invited by a friend to a party at his flat, when I got on the balcony I saw the view and I was stunned, his view on Paris goes from Montmartre all the way to Montparnasse with the Eiffel Tower, Invalides, the Opera and even Notre Dame visible. So I just had to take a photo of that! Another photographer happened to be there who had a tripod with her and I borrowed it to shoot this.

I recently switched camera again and this time it’s final! As I was borrowing a Nikon D300 which I returned so I wanted to go buy myself one, but I saw an incredible offer on a Canon 5D mark II (almost the same price as the D300s) so I figured I would opt for the full-frame body and that meant going back to Canon. This is not because I prefer one or the other, it is purely a value for money decision. Full frame is really a difference.

Hope you enjoy the shot as much as I enjoyed seeing the scene and taking the photo.

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7 thoughts on “Paris Panorama in HDR

  1. Bravo Martin, very nice shot, the colors are really natural and soft which gives a very good feeling.

  2. Gorgeous photo, Martin. It’s an unusual view of the city. The colors are great. I happen to be debating Canon vs. Nikon right now. I’ve got a Canon 20D and I am ready to graduate to full frame. I was testing the 7D last night. It’s heavy, but nice.

    • Hi Sandra, yes it is an unusual view. I was going to buy the Nikon D700 but when I compared the rates found the 5D M2 cheaper and opted for that one. The Canon 7D isn’t full frame so take that into consideration. The Kit lens with the 5D M2 was the 24-105 f4 which is quite a good lens. It’s the best kit lens I have seen.

  3. Real nice! Love the rich colors.

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