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Phone box by High Holborn

The must photo in London

Phone box by High Holborn

Phone box by High Holborn

OK, when in London – take photos of the classic red phone boxes. That must be a rule somewhere because I just knew I had to take this photo, and wow – all the other tourists did too. Well this doesn’t go in my list of original photos, but it does go in my list of classics.

I took this shot on High Holborn when I was in London back in December. It was a handheld HDR which only worked because of the massive light we had. I retouched it a bit and darkened the sky otherwise the streets were definitely that empty which was cool.

Due to unfortunate circumstances on my last trip to Berlin (for work) I have not been posting any new photos for a while. Basically my camera got stolen in the Paris airport (I suspect) so while I am going through all the formalities to get reimbursed and getting a new camera, I am just posting earlier shots that I am retouching.

Voila, so don’t worry if my updates are coming slow. You will definitely hear about it when I get my new camera.

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7 thoughts on “The must photo in London

  1. Love the pic, popular or not. Sux to hear about the camera. Now you have an excuse to upgrade.

  2. Sorry to hear about your camera! Was it in your hand luggage?

  3. Thanks Brian and Avital. On the camera, no was in the checked in luggage. Someone must have seen it on the xray and voila. Well I had them weigh the luggage on arrival and they saw it was missing that weight. I flew with AirBerlin and I am hoping they’re getting the ensurance for this.

  4. Nice photo Martin ! I really like it. I feel really sorry for the camera…I definitely hope you will get your money back. I suggest you upgrade to Nikon…:-)

  5. Last week I took same picture, but your angle is so perfect I must say wow

  6. selagon on said:

    Beautiful picture! Hope to be able to see that in person one day! The only thing I think it is missing, is someone inside the phone booth texting. A figure with a face illuminated by a slightly bluish light from the screen would be just perfect. Then again, I have a penchant for situational irony.

  7. typical English view! 🙂

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