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Eiffel Tower seen from Montmartre

Eiffel Tower as seen from Montmartre

Eiffel Tower as seen from Montmartre

Montmartre in Paris is an amazing place. The artistic history of the place lives in the brick and mortar and it is easy to understand why such artists when there to paint a century ago. Well that has attracted so many tourists now that it isn’t quite the same thing. But it still is a lovely place.

I took this shot some weeks ago (well maybe month by now) when I was waiting for the right light to shoot the Sacre Coeur photo that I did at Valentines. Well I am still processing old photos as I still haven’t gotten a new camera and Air Berlin insists that they wont be covering a single cent over the theft of my camera.

It is an HDR photo of three shots. I took it handheld, standing on a wall trying to shoot above the cars and people standing below me who were admiring the sun shining through the clouds over the Eiffel Tower. I tried to minimize the over saturated look of the HDR and keep it as natural as possible.

Ah Paris – if there ever was a city for HDR this is probably it.

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5 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower seen from Montmartre

  1. Beautiful sky. I would not have guessed that it was HDR. It is very natural looking. Re: your camera — my sympathies! I’m sorry to hear the airline won’t cover it. Did you have travel insurance of any kind? Do you have a credit card that might have a travel insurance deal? (My Visa has free travel insurance, which is why I’m asking.) I’m also almost camera-less. My Canon 450D’s autofocus suddenly died without warning and I was hired to shoot a bat mitzvah next week. Fortunately, I had 2 weeks left on the warranty and I was able to persuade a friend to lend me his 400D body for a couple weeks. But I feel a bit lost without my main camera and I imagine you feel similarly.

  2. Hi Avital, thanks for the comment on the photo. Am glad you didn’t see it was HDR. On the camera yes there was travel insurance on the credit card however that insurance does not work for camera gear and electronics. So don’t count on it. You need to get a camera specific insurance. I discovered the hard way that camera gear is excluded from all travel specific insurances almost so you really need to read the fine script.

  3. I like your shot..looks pretty cool.

  4. That’s a real nice shot you’ve captured there, and the sky has such an amazing mood to it…

  5. Ramsey on said:

    Great shot I love the mood and the lighting.

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