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Pont Neuf and Samaritaine Black and White

Pont Neuf and Samaritaine in Black and White

Pont Neuf and Samaritaine in Black and White

The Pont Neuf is a bit of a magical bridge in Paris, it’s called the New Bridge because it was the first bridge built out of stone on which there were no houses and which was wide enough to walk and enjoy the sight of Paris. But it’s also a magical bridge to photograph. At night it is lit and looks fantastic. Additionally the Samaritaine department store, located at the end of the Bridge is a bit of a legend in itself. Currently shut for ambiguous reasons it is one of the oldest department stores in history.

Last weekend I got up real early to go and shoot the Bridge but the weather conditions were not really good, it started snowing slush and raining just as we packed out our gear to shoot. So the result wasn’t as good as I hoped.

I haven’t done any black and white photography before, but this shot begged to be black and white, probably because the scene was so grey.

It’s an HDR photo of three which I retouched in Lightroom.

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12 thoughts on “Pont Neuf and Samaritaine Black and White

  1. Looks like you made the best of the trip to photo the bridge. Great work.

  2. breetsuts on said:

    I LOVE this photograph. It has a very gothic, melancholy feel to it. I think you produced a gorgeous picture despite your disappointment with the weather. I love your work.

  3. Pont Neuf Bridge…. Mmmmm why is that familiar… Very nice job!

  4. Very beautiful realization, beautiful image processing, good day with you.

  5. While it might be a little flat, it’s still a very effective and moody photo. Very good.

  6. Reminds me of gotham city in Batman and thats a good thing. Cheery photos are so yesterday 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Seon. Yes it is quite Gothic as you an Breetsuts mentioned. Thanks to all for the comments, it’s not my greatest photo but the greeny and eerie look make it different.

  7. The tones in this shot are just fabulous.

  8. Your blog is very nice, i like the treatament of ligth, is beautiful

  9. Holy grits! New favorite!

  10. You’re more than welcome Martin. Thanks again for the code. And Might I ask what processing went on for this shot? I’m quite in love with the moody but beautifully colorful vibe of this picture.

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