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Drop trail

Drops on Cloth

Drops on Cloth

This weekend while having lunch with a friend ( a few drops of water spilled on the tablecloth and instead of getting absorbed by the cloth I found it really nice how the drops remained on the cloth just sitting there waiting to be picked up.

With a tea-spoon I rearranged them to form a little trail, Angel borrowed me a macro adapter for my lens and I took this shot. I had to wait till we finished eating (it would have been pretty rude to pull out the tripod and camera in the middle of a great meal) and then I had some fun with the drops.

Macro shooting is great for bokeh (small depth of field) and despite the pretty long exposure and small aperture I only had about 1cm of depth. But I love the effect and how the drops seem to form a little stepping trail away from here.

I tried to HDR process this shot with three exposures but it was didn’t look any better at all so it’s just a single shot. HDR doesn’t seem to do much on things like water, ice etc.

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4 thoughts on “Drop trail

  1. Very nice picture Martin. Your imagination pays off !

  2. great focus.. love the detail and concept!

  3. this is photography…makes objects which actually very trifling to become thing very attractive to be enjoyed..

    good photograph…..

  4. Really nice shot. The water drops look like diamonds!

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