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Under the Steel Bridge

Bir Hakeim Bridge in Paris is special. It’s a steel bridge that goes over the Seine into a beautiful residential area of Paris. Above it runs a metro, below it there’s a bike path and not too many cars. And most importantly it has an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower shot through the Bir Hakeim Bridge, with Scott Kelby and Serge Ramelli

Eiffel Tower shot through the Bir Hakeim Bridge, with Scott Kelby and Serge Ramelli

Two years ago I was there with Scott Kelby and Serge Ramelli and Scott has a brilliant idea of shooting the Eiffel Tower through the bridge. Scott and Serge took awesome pics. But before they had all their equipment set-up I rapidly shot it with my iPhone and the MicroSoft Photosynth app.

Well back to our picture, last week as I went by the Eiffel Tower and tried out a Pocket Lens, I remembered that Serge kept telling me how awesome this bridge is and I figured I should give it a shot.

The iPhone having a pretty small sensor and as I just use the default camera app (without tripod) it isn’t always easy to do everning shots. Adding the Pocket Lens doesn’t help since there is even less light.

But the iPhone camera is pretty good. Pretty amazing considering the tiny sensor and the fact that it is primarily a smartphone not a camera. So with a relatively steady hand (and I can’t brag that mine is stellar), I managed to shoot this one.

It takes a bit of waiting and understanding the rythm of the cars in order to know when to shoot, plus ensuring that there aren’t too many people on the shot. The wideangle works great in “tunnel” style shots as it makes the tunnel seem even deeper.

Image Specs:
Camera: iPhone 6 back camera
Aperture: f2.2
Shutter: 1/15
Iso: 400
Lens: iPhone 6 lens + Pocket Lens wide-angle 0.67mm

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