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Old car in Montrouge, Paris

Old car in Montrouge, Suburb of Paris

An old car in Montrouge, Paris

I realized I haven’t been shooting much lately when I opened my Lightroom to work on my next photo and saw that aside from a gazillion photos of Damon (my son) there just wasn’t much I wanted to post. Like most new fathers, we’re showing our kids to everyone we meet and I figured that most of the readers of my blog would soon ban my blog if I started posting all the baby photos I have.

But I decided that I would go through some old archives and look around for some of my old shots to see if there was something I could work on and use. I found this photo of an old car in Paris suburb called Montrouge. If I am not mistaken this is a Morgan +4, a pretty photogenic car from the 60s.

The photo was taken in May 2009 with my first DSLR which was a Canon 500D at a car show they were doing in the city. The street was lined with Ferraris and lots of other great cars. I shot quite a few of them but they just didn’t turn out that great due to the background which didn’t really look that good with a Ferrari but on the other hand fits well with an old car like this.

Well this little experience made me realize how much I need to start going to shoot again, however, taking care of my son has stepped up on the priority list and I think nobody will be upset about that.

About the photo: It’s not an HDR, I post-processed it in Lightroom and de-saturated it quite a lot, then took it over to Topaz and enhanced the details a bit to give it a more grainy look and voila.

Photo tip of the day

A car is only as photogenic as the background makes it, so look at what you have behind and find the right car or background for yours. A car meetup can be a great opportunity but remember the backgrounds.

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