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Temple St Etienne, Mulhouse with Christmas Decoration in HDR

Heaven or Hell? HDR image in Mulhouse

Temple St Etienne, Mulhouse with Christmas Decoration in HDR

Temple St Etienne, Mulhouse with Christmas Decoration in HDR

Mulhouse church in HDR over Christmas.

A few weeks ago I went for a weekend in Mulhouse with Angel Sanguinetti and our wives. It was cold (but not near as cold as it had been in Berlin the year before).

We went out to shoot some photos and while many of our shots are similar I took one that he didn’t take (we just do everything to be different don’t we). So after some post processing work here it is.

Mulhouse over Christmas is really nice, plenty of animations in the city, great decoration and a real Christmas spirit. The entire temple is lit up in red lights and looks great. I made it a bit more dramatic in my shot using Topaz software after I had HDR’d it and I like this effect the most.

Taking photos of red lights is not easy I noticed, but with the HDR it did come out OK.

Photo tip of the day:

– Don’t be afraid to look like an idiot when you shoot. For this shot I was almost laying down on the steps leading to the church. It served two purposes, firstly to get the view and second to get all the people walking by to walk large circles around me and thus not be in the shot.

Hope to be posting more soon… Happy holidays to you all!

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14 thoughts on “Heaven or Hell? HDR image in Mulhouse

  1. Powerful image – love the angle and the colors!

  2. Whoa – hold on…this was with a 5D MkII? Don’t you usually shoot Nikon?

  3. marjorie on said:

    Martin!!!!! Mais wouawwwwwwwww cette photo est sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j’adore!!!!

  4. Great shot ! Definitly impressive and dramatique. I love the effect !

  5. Great shot and great advice. I have a hard time getting comfortable while taking photos. I’ve yet to get comfortable with all the staring eyes 🙂

  6. Not sure if I ever left a comment here before or not…regardless, great shot. Love your photos. Best wishes

  7. Un HDR un tout petit peu trop poussé à mon gout mais c’est c’est quand même une magnifique photo ! Bravo !

  8. Very imposant view. Well done.

  9. on said:

    Bravo, cette photo est extraordinaire tant sur le plan des couleurs que sur le
    plan de la perspective !

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