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Street Photography in Paris near Pont Neuf

Rue Nevers Paris, street photography

Rue Nevers Paris, street photography

Walking the dog in the old Paris. A street photo taken in Rue Nevers just off the Pont Neuf. Old outfit in old Paris.

A little while back when walking around in Paris (about the same time as I took Farris Smith’s photo the Jazzman) I was looking down this one-way street thinking the lights sort of look magically old and right in place.

As I was there a lady came out of one of the doors to take the dog out for a walk, she just looked unusual, not sure if  it was the size, the headdress or what. But I took a few photos, and this one came out best.

A few tips I can give on street photo are:

1. Keep your cap off.

2. Leave your aperture to 5.6, iso to about 400 and stay in aperture mode. That should be about right for most situations and you’ll be ready to shoot. Of course there are plenty of situations where that’s not going to be good and you’ll need to change.

Otherwise, my move happened and while all wasn’t sweetness and light (I guess no move is) that’s all water under the Bridge now and we’re happy to be in the new place. I’ll be posting a couple of pics of our new home on my Google profile.

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11 thoughts on “Street Photography in Paris near Pont Neuf

  1. That looks like some Banksy action on the wall behind her.

  2. Rajesh Kumar on said:

    very nice pic!

  3. Great job Martin. Nothing says Paris more to me.

  4. Thanks Rajesh and Brian, I love the feedback.

  5. Really nice image Martin. I always regard street photography a bit like fishing – sometimes you catch something something you don’t. Paris, for me, is like a great trout stream.

  6. Really cool, I think this shot really communicates some special emotion. I agree that you were at the right place at the right time 🙂

  7. The above post is not only nice post but also informative with interesting content. I was waiting for such write up to have gained some useful information from this site. Thanks for sharing this information….

  8. Hi Martin
    very Nice pic…now black & white is good.

  9. Belle photo de rue en NB, une atmosphère magnifique et nostalgique !

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