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Luxembourg Parc, Paris photography

Empty Chairs at Luxembourg Parc, Paris

Empty chairs at the Luxembourg Parc in Paris. Looking at the sun behind the clouds. A rare scene in a fantastic parc of Paris. Black and white photography of Paris.

If you wonder why I’ve not been shooting so much lately it’s not that I have been bored and decided to leave the camera on the shelf. Actually I’ve been rather busy on many different fronts, photography being one of them.

As to photography I’ve been covering several events and doing inside photography which is quite another kettle of fish all together. The dillema is that one needs a zoom lens, can hardly use a flash without creating ugly effects and yet the lighting inside is bad. So playing with the ISO leaving the aperture as wide as possible to capture most lights I have been managing. But not without some serious noise problems. But that’s yet another challenging subject to learn.

Aside from that, we bought a new flat (which is just beside the Arcueil Aqueduct that was my first photo on the blog see the post here:

And the flat is getting some major renovations, new kitchen, new bathroom and just about new everything else. But it’s exciting, fun and time-consuming.

In addition to that my wife and I are getting a baby in March 2011, it seems like it’s going to be a boy. We’re excited about that! Needless to say, that’s consuming some time as well since there are some preparations.

So scooting around in Paris shooting great monuments and city life is moving a lot slower than usual.

However try to see some of my earlier works – you may find it quite fun (and hopefully not too embarrassing):

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6 thoughts on “Luxembourg Parc, Paris photography

  1. very surrealistic! I like how the sunshine goes through the clouds. It is a such an amazing effect!

  2. Great shot and nice effect, mostly considering having the sun straight in front.

  3. I love the empty chairs in the Paris parks. Sometimes they look like they are waiting for people to sit down and start a conversation, sometimes they look like the people have just left and you can construct a story in your mind about them, who they were, what they talked about. Sometimes they are inviting enough to just sit in and rest for a moment.

  4. Magnifique cliché que celui-ci, quelle lumière encore ! Un superbe travail photographique !

  5. ths is photography! nice. the reflection, nice work
    although, maybe a bit too dark for my tst, but thats my tast.

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