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As summer comes to a close

Photo: Blinds in Hyere’s walking street in the early morning. Non-HDR photo.

As summer comes to a close a few things come to mind, one of them is how much warmer it was on the south coast in France back in August when I was walking around in shorts and sandals.

I am soon going to celebrate an official full year of DSLR photography and in that year I’ve managed to switch from Canon 500D to Nikon D300 and then over to Canon 5D Mark II, and I will be staying with that camera for now.

Shooting is becoming more and more fun as I learn new tricks and study up. I’m reading up on lighting use right now which is quite interesting, but as is traditional with any photography gear… nothing comes cheap.

Well there is a good news with the shorter days which is earlier sunsets and not needing to stay up too late after a shoot. But as the temperature gets colder and colder, shooting after sundown is going to be more and more of a challenge. It reminds me of my Berlin photos from last year that I took at -15 celcius which was kind of rough.

I’m also trying out Lightroom 3, wow it’s really an upgrade. The noise reduction is great, Lens correction is amazing, finally these things can be done from within Lightroom. But I wonder if they signed a contract with the PC hardware manufacturers. Lightroom 3 is sloooooooow and I am seriously wondering if I’m going to get another PC or go back to Lightroom 2.

Well, fall comes before winter and that’s a great time for photos of trees and leaves!

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5 thoughts on “As summer comes to a close

  1. Love the shot, and the post!

  2. Beautiful colours and shapes! You’re lucky that there’s nothing distracting behind the grill. If I were to take a similar shot in Israel, I’d get a good view of someone’s laundry or air conditioner compressor. One question — why did you use such a high ISO, combined with such a fast shutter speed? Was this a conscious decision? Yes, LR3 is fantastic and yes, it’s slow. I thought it was my PC. When I shot a bat mitzvah and did the family photos in RAW, it was amazing for dealing with the awful lighting (fluorescent lights, putty-coloured walls). If I were a pro, LR is one of the first things I’d buy.

    • Avital, that’s funny, I have had similar problems with some places, ACs, laundry etc. On the ISO I think that was a mistake left over from a night shot I had done the earlier day. 2500 is way too high and I had to do quite some repair to the photo, which is what gives it the sort of ghosting in the darker parts. Well, we learn.

  3. These are really wonderful photographs. I am thinking of buying some HDR software and giving it a try. Great blog.

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