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Protecting Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial - Buckingham Palace

Victoria Memorial - Buckingham Palace

Due to the pretty boring (and really cold) weather in Paris I haven’t been taking many new shots lately so I thought I would go through my stock and find some shots I haven’t processed and published yet and I must say I wasn’t very hopeful about it.

But I saw this shot which I took in HDR handheld. It was handheld because there was no way the police would have allowed me to pull out a tripod there. The place was full to the brim with tourists and police was ensuring we were all on the sidewalks and not on the streets. So my only choice was to shoot handheld.

I loved the sky and the light, plus the memorial was pretty nice. But again, full to the brim with people. What I thought was funny is how it looks like they are standing there protecting the memorial. I did darken the people a bit as it wasn’t the main point of the photo.

After shooting this I walked through the park and there were some signs that read something like “Be vigilant, thieves operating in this area” it actually quite funny in a way, do they have a licence to operate in those areas and not others?

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9 thoughts on “Protecting Victoria Memorial

  1. Great shot. Really has a 17th century painted quality to it!

  2. dowhatyoulove on said:

    This is really a beautiful photo! The feeling of the whole scene is just amazing, and that sky is just spectacular.

  3. Did you generate the HDR from a single RAW file or three JPEGs?

    “Thieves operating” reminds me of “Mind the gap.” If I don’t mind it, will it go away?

    • Thanks for nice words 🙂
      Avital: HDR from three TIFFs via lightroom. I havent had too much luck with single raw HDR. Unlike Trey Ratcliff I can’t seem to get it to look good. Yeah that’s right on mind the gap. These little things make England and London great.

  4. Très sympa la photo. Personnellement, j’aurai Ă©clairci la foule lĂ©gèrement avec la brosse de lightroom mais sinon, ta photo est super.

  5. It’s a cool shot, and I particularly like the sky… The attitude towards photographers though does annoy me… You’d think they’d be concentrating on checking those thieves operating licenses… lol…

  6. It is fascinating!!!! I have no words to describe its beauty, its depth… you are blessed to see and make all !!

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