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Arc de Triomphe in winter - Martin Soler Photography

Arc de Triomphe a Parisian photography classic

Arc de Triomphe in winter - Martin Soler Photography

Arc de Triomphe in winter

As I wrote in my earlier post, I wanted to take a few more photos of the Parisian classics, the monuments and the great things that Paris has to offer.

So this weekend (as I went to see Sherlock Holmes movie which I loved) I had some time before me to take a few shots. I figured Arc de Triomphe would be a simple and good place to go next.

I went up to the Etoile about 45 minutes before twilight began, it was grey and slightly rainy so I knew that I would only have a few minutes to get the “blue hour” and still get a nice blue sky even though it was cloudy.  I walked around the Arc to find the angle I liked most and this turned out to be it. Actually it was mainly because the other side was full of police and army buses who were there on a parade, so I didn’t have too much of a choice.

The photo is a bit of a copy of a friend of mines ( see his photo here)  but I took it from a different angle – and duplicating other people is a great way to learn.

Next up I guess I will try to make a copy of Trey Ratclif’s photos (no not just yet).

Enjoy it and feel free to comment!

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18 thoughts on “Arc de Triomphe a Parisian photography classic

  1. Great shot. If you keep it up Trey will be copying you. Are you a member at HDR Spotting?

  2. Brian, thanks a lot for your compliment! Yes I am a member of HDR Spotting.

  3. Hey Martin, great shot, nice lighting, I love it.

  4. Awesome picture. Love the colors and lighting.

  5. dowhatyoulove on said:

    Amazing photo! You are really an artist at capturing the essence of light in each moment. You create a magical moment with the photo. The feeling of that sky is wonderful, what an amazing perspective on a cloudy sky.

  6. I like how you’ve framed the Arch with the trees and left in the light post. Great job of grabbing the picture at just the right time! When I was there, I could only get there after dark. Still cool, but I like the blue hues you have here. Awesome job!

    • Thank you very much. I had to wait a bit to get the light just right. I know how it is when arriving and everything is dark. 😦 and when it’s cloudy on top of it, the sky gets sort of brown and weird.

  7. Great shot. I love how solid the Arc looks with the fluid motion of the traffic swirling around it. Nice light range – how many separate images did you use to capture this range of exposure? And, one last thing, the streetlight adds a nice Parisian touch.

  8. This is an excellent photo
    thanks for teh comments on my site, do you have facebook?
    i would love to hear from you, maybe i can suugest a few things to you regarding your photos

  9. Beautiful, Beautiful…Beautiful….Oh; how I miss Paris!

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  12. ROJI JACOB on said:

    Great Shot…….

  13. I am feeling the picture a bit soft as I think a faster shutter can make the branches sharper. Alternatively, have you try sharpen the picture after you did HDR. If you need to get rid of the predestrian then it is another story.

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