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The Bridge to London Big Ben

The Bridge to Big Ben

The Bridge to London Big Ben

The Bridge to London Big Ben

London is one of those cities where one could spend a week (or ten) taking photos and still have work to do.

The second day I was in London I went out to shoot some HDRs and of course Big Ben had to be in the picture. I wanted something different than the usual since this photo has been “shot to death” as Scott Kelby wrote. I took it with the Bridge to try and give it more of an eye trail.

I liked the sunset (I had been waiting for it for quite a while) and the lights are nice on the Bridge.

This is based on three photos, which I processed with Photomatix, Lightroom and then adjusted with Topaz.

I hope you like it.

(But I liked my prior “homepage” photo a lot – so was sad to see it scoot over to the back you can see it here:

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8 thoughts on “The Bridge to Big Ben

  1. Very nice. I would hqve cropped it a little more. But its great.

  2. Wow thats great, looks very original.

  3. MysticAngel on said:

    I love your photos.. very dramatic shots

  4. Amethyst on said:

    It’s like a dream!!! sweet dream

  5. Hope you don’t mind a little spot of Londoner pedantry.

    Big Ben isn’t in your picture. Very few people get to take a picture of Big Ben. Big Ben is the bell, not the clock (or the clock tower).

    Great photo though.

    • Hi Dave, that’s funny – I didn’t know that at all. Well thanks for the information. And thank you all for your great comments, it’s very encouraging. Keep posting them.

  6. very nice! I’ve got a couple of shots of the same view on my blog, wouldnt mind a critique if you find the time. Yet to catch the view on a nice evening like this one!

  7. Gorgeous!

    I’m practising HDR so bad! ^_^

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