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Broken Bench in Sainte Feyre

Broken Bench

Broken Bench in Sainte Feyre

Broken Bench in Sainte Feyre

A broken bench in the gardens of the castle of Sainte Feyre.

It’s great how old natural elements become photogenic, an old rock, wood, brick, leaves etc. (well not too old either).

I took this bench at a photo course I did in Sainte Feyre a little city in the center of France which has a nice castle – potentially nice. At the course everyone photographed this bench in all different ways. I loved the bokeh (ok that word makes me seem like a major pro, it just means the blurry parts in the background) which this scene offered.

It is not HDR or any of the sort, it was taken with a Nikon D300 with a 18-200 mm lens – all of which belonged to someone else, no retouches at all.

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One thought on “Broken Bench

  1. this is fantastic, makes me want to touch it

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