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Colors of Ice

Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculpture

There is something magical about the reflections of light in ice. I went through an ice sculpture exhibit on the Champs Elysees recently which was awesome, the whole thing is in a pavillon refrigerated at -6 celcius. So the visit goes rather fast towards the end.

I took a bunch of photos there and some are amazing, this one is a detail, if you look closely you will see a face in the pattern. What’s most impressive is the reflections of the light passing through the ice and the blend of all the different colors. This is not an HDR photo.

Will post more, enjoy.

Details:  Aperture: f/4  –  Exposure: 1/15 sec  –  Focal lengths: 18mm  –  Iso: 1600

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2 thoughts on “Colors of Ice

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  2. Wow, don’t you love how artist can get the right light for their work?
    Excellent shot, it must have been a challenge as the colours would have been changing with the people going by.

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