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Old Room

Old Room

Old Room

I took this photo during a “photo lesson” weekend back in June. It was before I bought my camera, I borrowed someone’s Nikon D300 (it’s an amazing camera by the way).

Actually I was going to make an HDR photo out of this but mistakenly had the wrong settings on the camera so it became a regular photo.

It was a room in St Feyre castle, an old tattered room that was falling apart. I loved the blackened walls from the chimeney smoke and the single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, it was connected to an old switch that was probably a security hazard. But those are the risks of photography 😉

Details:  Aperture: f/4  –  Exposure: 1/15 sec  –  Focal lengths: 12mm  –  Iso: 250

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3 thoughts on “Old Room

  1. Ronald D on said:

    Awesome photo, I love these types of shots and i’m glad you didn’t alter it. To me, guess i’m old school but I like to see photos as they were captured and not tweaked or altered.

  2. Wow– that is similar to Brian’s photo of the derelict mansion! Your room is in better condition. 🙂

  3. Real nice Martin… You certainly captured some great light here too…

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