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Flaky House in Paris


Flaky House in Paris

Flaky House in Paris

I bet you wouldn’t believe this exists in Paris, neither did I. Actually it’s like a freak house with freshly renovated buildings and facades to the left and right of it making it stick out even more.

I’ve been seeing it every day when I go home thinking it would make a pretty cool photo. Was thinking of doing it in black and white. But then looking at the faded paint on the walls I figured I could keep it in color and saturate it a bit to make it come out even more.

I was pretty lucky as about 1 hour after I took this photo the clouds came in and made everything boring grey.

This is again an HDR photo. As the light was so bright I managed to shoot it without a tripod, I held the camera on a signpost to limit the movement and it turns out perfect.

Enjoy it.


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