Martin Soler Photography

La route pour Versaille

The way to versaille

The way to versaille

After I took the photo of the Paris panorama, the sunset was looking quite nice (even though I would have liked some clouds).

And I always wanted to take one of these “cars in motion” photos. So I waited on the wooden bridge to see some traffic coming. It was Sunday night and there wasn’t much. On top of it the wooden Bridge wasn’t a photographers dream. Every time someone walked on it the whole thing was shaking. Two kids were having fun on the Bridge so I had to patiently wait for them to move on.

The white lights are those going to Paris and the red ones are the ones going to Versaille (or that direction). Well not too hard to see what is most popular.

I took this one in HDR and closed the aperture to 22 so it would erase the cars and just leave the lights.

And after that I had some fun pushing the colors around. It’s an otherwise really boring shot with really boring buildings.

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3 thoughts on “La route pour Versaille

  1. I seem to have forgotten to mention that this was taken in the city called Chatillon 4km south of Paris.

  2. Jesse Adams on said:

    This is a really cool shot, it turned out great! How long was the exposure? I really want to try a shot like this some time soon.

    • Hi Jesse, thanks yes it turned out great, better than real life. I pushed the white balance around to get the artificial blue look on he concrete buildings but in the end I liked the result. The exposure was 25 seconds. I had to time it right with the red light behind me so I could get the cars doing the whole road up and down.

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