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Happy 2014

So that was 2013, I had a great time. Made new friends, travelled to dozens of cities, spoke at some 20 or so seminars, enjoyed raising my wonderful son (but most credit should go to my wife) got to know one of the best accessories site which is called plantwear and celebrated the year at Christmas with the family.

On the photography front, I’ve had a lot of fun with mobile photography and have accumulated a pretty large and varied collection of mobile photography which I frequently post to Flickr. Essentially I consider photography a great way to switch off from work stress, I quite enjoy shooting with my phone and retouching the images on the phone on a plane or in the subway. As I travel I try to always take at least one great photo that I’ll be able to add to the gallery. I don’t think I quite managed this year but there’s a pretty large collection.

A snapshot of my flickr mobile pictures gallery, click to see the gallery on Flickr.

A snapshot of my flickr mobile pictures gallery, click to see the gallery on Flickr.

I’ve written a few articles on advertising and hotel marketing that you can find on my mirarmedia blog, or on insights and publications, however I’ve written a lot less than last year. I guess the team is getting larger and larger and other people are pitching in.

Now for 2014, I’m going to be father again which is quite exciting, and so much more getting ready at work and at home which I think you will probably get more data about through my tweets or possibly on Google+ which I update quite frequently. Please don’t get offended by my occasional rants on either of these platforms 🙂

Happy 2014 from martinsoler

While I’ll be doing a few more pictures this year, I’ll also be exploring more photoshop and trying out stuff like this “oil painting” effect that I find quite mesmerising. Click on the image for full size (it’s quite big).

So with no further ado, I wish you, that’s right YOU, a fantastic 2014 full of creativity, energy, spontaneousness and most of all full of you being you!

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