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Turn right to the Tree

Turn to the Tree

Turn right to the Tree

Turn right to the Tree

Lonely tree in the fields near Pougny in France. The signs on the road made this a great picture adding some direction to where to look.

If you’ve been following my tweets lately at you’ll know I was on a short vacation on the country side last week. With my wife and baby and the grand parents we enjoyed an extended weekend in a village called Lere on the Loire river.

Of course I brought my camera with me and went out to shoot in the evenings, afternoons and well whenever we went out.

I wanted to shoot some long lonely street going off into the horizon so we went driving and as we were looking for an interesting scene to shoot (with the whole family in the car) we came across this tree in the middle of nowhere. I thought this would make a great shot so we stopped the car and parked it in the fields and off I went to shoot the tree. The road isn’t very busy but every so often a car came rushing by so I had to have my grand dad on watch to tell me to get off the road.

In addition to that the clouds which were nice kept covering the tree so I also had to wait for them to shine some light on the tree which it finally did. So after several attempts I finally got this photo.

I shot it in HDR but in the end the HDR didn’t do any good to the photo so I just used one of the pictures and worked on it with Photoshop, Topaz and Lightroom to enhance it a bit and make it pop a bit more, the way I remember the scene at the time.

I think it would have been better with yellow markings on the street but unfortunately in France they are white so that’s the way it will stay.

Photo Tip of the day:

If you’re out on the country side looking for a good spot to shoot can be harder than it seems. Unlike Paris there is often very little to shoot. I used Google Maps in satellite mode to get some idea of the areas where I wanted to go that could have some great photo opportunities and it was quite good. Additionally if you have an iPhone or other geo-locating phone, take a quick snap of the photo so you remember where exactly you took it.

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4 thoughts on “Turn to the Tree

  1. Chloe on said:

    stunning photo; sometimes we discover beautiful desintations whilst trying to find something else

  2. What an amazing find, and perfectly captured too… Isolated trees sure are very photogenic…

  3. paolo on said:

    bellissima composizione, gran bella foto, bravo !

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