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Two Institutions of Paris – Eiffel Tower and Institut de France

Eiffel Tower and Tour Nesle against an orange sky

A non-HDR photo of a classic Parisian sunset. The Eiffel Tower and Institut de France Against an orange cloudy sky.

Some days ago (one of those days when I didn’t forget my camera) I saw this amazing orange sunset. As I was standing on one of the bridges across the Seine river I stopped and shot this scene. With a zoom lens it looked kind of “funny” since these two monuments aren’t close to each other at all but the zoom lens reduced the depth of field dramatically and they almost look like they are side by side.

Sunsets like these are quite common in Paris – maybe it’s the pollution, maybe it’s something else. But I heard that the impressionists painters loved the light in Paris and that is why they set themselves up in Montmartre. Maybe that’s true maybe not. In any case, there is a fantastic light.

This isn’t an HDR shot at all, I just liked the light and thought I would share it.

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