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Bokeh Love from a Chinese bowl

Love from a chinese bowl

On my birthday a friend of mine offered me a book by Chris Gatcum called Creative Digital Photography: 52 Weekend Projects I recommend it. It has lots of different ideas of photos to do which I am having fun trying out.

I just bought a 50mm Nikkor lens that opens to 1.8 and it’s amazing for bokeh and narrow depth of field. So I of course had to try this project out. I cut out the heart shape “filter” from an old box of cereals and set up my studio in the kitchen. The lights in the back come from candles which I had sitting on all kinds of objects. With some reflective things around (bottle and glass) which gave some extra hearts.

I loved the result. I had this chinese (or maybe Japanese) bowl in my kitchen, I have no idea what is written on it – I hope it’s not something totally disrelated.

Will be trying more fun stuff with that lens.

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5 thoughts on “Bokeh Love from a Chinese bowl

  1. Avital Pinnick on said:

    Very nice! I’ve heard of this technique but never tried it. Seems fairly simple in concept.

  2. That is a really nice shot, well done and creative too!

  3. great idea Martin. I’ll definitly try this out. great shot.

  4. Hello martin,

    You got to show that book it looks great very well done !

    we should go out and shoot together sometime

  5. I posted a note on Photocamel asking for any possible translation. Here is what I got from CMCHAVIS
    he or she says:

    “My Japanese reading is terrible – so take this however you’d like:

    First line (furthest right) looks like Chagu Chagu {something} ko which is pretty close to Chagu Chagu Umakko. Looking up the Uma kanji, one of the forms looks like the one on the bowl. Chagu Chagu Umako is a horse festival in Japan. Putting in Chagu Chagu into google brought up all kinds of info.

    The second line looks like Hon no Pyako. ‘no’ can be possessive and ‘Hon’ is book. Pyako seems to be a name, if my Yoon characters are correct and it’s not Piyako, which I guess could also be a name. So I would say ‘book of Pyako’. But the problem is that possessives, when using ‘no’, the possessor comes first – so ‘The Book’s Pyako’ which means nothing to me.

    I guess you could put it all together and say something like ‘From Chagu Chagu Horse festival book of Pyako’

    The rest looks like a quote with lots of Kanji that I’d take me a long time to figure out. so cannot be of help there.

    I’m sure someone who can read Japanese is having a good laugh right now – sorry, it’s been a long time and I wasn’t very good back then.

    Other than that – love the Bokeh, I have an article saved in my bookmarks on customizing so I remember to do that someday.”

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