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Le Senat – I’m shooting HDRs in Paris again

Le Senat in Parc Luxembourg in Paris

Le Senat in Parc Luxembourg in Paris

OK I’m up and running again! I went out shooting with the Nikon D300 yesterday, what a joy. Well I’m almost up and running again, I still need to get my tripod operational. I lost the quick release plate when my Canon 500D was stolen for my Benro tripod. Still need to buy a new one which is happening soon.

So I am all handheld right now, but then again I like that additional challenge. Of course it means more waste, but that’s the lovely thing with digital. There is one thing that Nikon needs to do with their cameras which is to be able to set bracketing to 3 shots. I am shooting 7 or 9 shots right now and when I come home it’s overwhelming which shots to keep and which ones to trash.

Well on the image quality – it feels better compared to the 500D but then again, I haven’t done any night stuff yet. That will be the real test.

This photo is of the Senate in Paris, it’s located in the Luxembourg parc (which incidentally is the nicest parc in all of Paris). I shot this leaning on the ramp which you see on the right to have maximum stability, and held my breath – actually that is about the best thing I learned in the army, how to hold one’s breath in preparation for a precision shot. It is HDR of course with 4 pictures.

I love the sky and the dramatic “almost raining” feel the clouds gave. Yet there was a nice light shining behind that big cloud.

Hope to be adding lots more.

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9 thoughts on “Le Senat – I’m shooting HDRs in Paris again

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  2. Beautiful image, I love it.

  3. Avital Pinnick on said:

    Woohoo! Great news! Glad to see your shooting again. Funny you should mention that about the Nikon’s autobracketing 7 to 9 shots. I knew they did that but I never realised until now that that was the only choice. I assumed you could set it to 3 shots. That would be confusing.

    What lens did you use for this HDR? You were lucky to have good clouds and sky.

  4. selagon on said:

    It is really nice how you were able to capture that color change that happens to everything when rain clouds approach. Lovely!

  5. Very nice shot Martin, nice effect, I like it.
    You can absolutely take three shots in bracketing using a Nikon camera.
    You can set it as you wish wether it’s 3,5,7,9 or 12. Next time we meet, I’ll show you how if you haven’t figured it out by then 🙂

  6. Martin,

    what happend??? They stole your camera? Oh no! It´s good seeing your photos again and you are right, some day we will meet and do a photowalk together! Unfortunately I can´t say when I´m back to Paris again… 😦

    Great processing on that one and I love the light in the shot! Well done!


  7. Thanks a lot for your amazing comments. I love that about photographers, never afraid to encourage their peers!
    Yes Kay, camera stolen and the gear that went with it. Pretty boring – and lots of emails and so forth with Air Berlin to no avail. So got a Nikon D300 from a friend for cheap and am up and running again. But do let me know next time you’re in Paris.
    On the exposures (Angel and Avital) a Canon can be set to 3 photos with -2,0,+2 or other settings while with a Nikon to get that gap it requires 7 to 9 shots. It’s just a bit harder to organize all these pics 🙂

  8. awesome depth and colors, impressive composition

  9. Beautiful scene
    Like this color and composition

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