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White Rose

Rose Blanche

White Rose

White Rose

Out of all the flowers I have tried to photograph, roses are certainly the most interesting. Probably because of the density of the petals making it easier to photograph and the fact that these petals create a natural eye trail towards the center.

My girlfriend had a bouquet of flowers and I thought I would take a shot of some of them at close up. Actually I did everything against the book when shooting this one, it was handheld, inside with a halogen spotlight from the ceiling shining in, in short none of the stuff that I should have done per Scott Kelby’s book (shooting on a cloudy day right after the rain, using a tripod if doing close-up etc).  But I loved how the center of the rose glowed as if it was back-lit.

It’s a single image (not HDR) with a slight retouch in Lightroom but almost nothing.

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4 thoughts on “Rose Blanche

  1. Your photos are fantastic! I’ve added you to my blogroll, did you find me on HDR Spotting?

  2. emzoler on said:

    Thanks a lot for the compliment! Yes I saw you on HDR spotting but I noticed your photos on

  3. belenolsen on said:

    Beautiful photo. Thanks for sending me your link, you have some amazing photos here

  4. Beautiful shot, it looks like the flower is glowing from the inside out

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