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Down the Tube

The escalators down to the London tube

The escalators down to the London tube

I found it quite amazing how deep the London tube has been dug. It’s the oldest subway in the world and it’s one of the deepest ones too. Just how they built it amazes me. As a comparison the older lines of the Paris subway are just under the street so much easier to build.

The escalators in the stations that have them are endless and when going down you just don’t want to let go of the rail.

In some stations they couldn’t build an escalator so they had to build elevators. I had that in Russel Square station when I arrived to go to the hotel. After a few days I decided I would try to take the stairs just to see how deep it really was, I arrived on the top in a sweat. The tunnels were built about 20 meters underground which doesn’t seem like that much until you end up walking those stairs.

I like how the wide-angle lens on the photo gives an exaggerated sense of height. This is a single photo, not an HDR. Which I retouched with Lightroom and Topaz adjust.

Details:  Aperture: f/4.0  –  Exposure: 1/15 sec  –  Focal lengths: 10mm  –  Iso: 400

An additional note: I big thanks to everyone at a great photographer forum for newbies and pros.

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4 thoughts on “Down the Tube

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  2. Alessandro Lo Piano on said:

    Wow from the picture seems even longer…

  3. Beautiful! Russia has subway escalators like this. They go on forever…

  4. Fitzroy on said:

    As Hy indicates, the Saint Petersburg Metro has the longest underground escalators in the world. Three stations have escalators rising/falling 217′ (66 m) over a length of 433′ (132 m).

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