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Pigeons at the Staple Inn

Pigeons feasting by the Staple Inn London

Pigeons feasting by the Staple Inn London

While walking from St Paul’s Cathedral up towards Russel Square we walked by this little road and a nice gate. The sun was coming out which was not the case earlier that day so needless to say I was eager for some nicer shots. The reflections of the sun from the building in front made some nice contrasts on the Staple Inn building (if that is what the brick building is).

The pigeons seemed to be quite happy there as well which I didn’t totally understand as there was nothing really to eat. But it made for a nice shot.

The clouds look like a painting which I loved. It’s an HDR photo that I took handheld.

Somehow however the greys are turning black and the pigeons look much better on my screen in lightroom as soon as I export the jpeg it looks black. If someone has data on that, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Details:  Aperture: f/9  –  Exposure: 1/125 sec  –  Focal lengths: 18mm  –  Iso: 100

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One thought on “Pigeons at the Staple Inn

  1. For some reason this is one of the top posts of my blog which I totally dont understand since it is far from my best shot.

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